Hola, mi nombre es Derek Balmer.

And that’s the extent of my Spanish. I’m also a designer.

I’m fascinated with the intersection of design and technology and grateful to have spent the past 16 years fluidly working in both. Throughout my career I’ve designed award-winning mobile apps, built complex websites, and created a multitude of logos, illustrations, and marketing collateral for clients across the country.

Designing solutions that balance business goals, user needs, and performance without sacrificing usability or satisfaction is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Well, that and my kids’ jerk-faced cat who demands breakfast before the sun comes up.

I’m currently the Creative Director at myStrength, a digital behavioral health platform focused on increasing access, lowering cost, and decreasing stigma around behavioral health.

I live West of Denver with my wife, daughter, and son. When I’m not pushing pixels or styling interfaces, I enjoy going on adventures with my family or racing the Vet class at Thunder Valley.