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Responsive marketing site for a Digital Behavioral Health Platform

May 1st, 2017
myStrength, Inc.

myStrength partners with more than 100 of the largest healthcare payers and providers in the US to extend evidence-based behavioral health access to covered members, promoting higher levels of engagement and satisfaction, improved outcomes, and reduced cost of care delivery. Their digital behavioral health platform is based in clinical models like cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing – proven interventions that have helped millions improve and sustain health and well-being.

As a B2B company the primary audience for myStrength’s marketing site is a diverse range of health payers, health systems, and health providers. We began this project by initially focusing solely on our content and messaging. I developed a content management system and basic page templates so members of the project could publish content in a staging environment allowing everyone to iterate on the content in real-time.

With our CMS in place, copy was developed to showcase our platform capabilities, our demonstrated outcomes at scale, and our strategic partnerships. At the end of this first phase we had a robust draft and outline of all proposed content which team members could experience online in the form of living wireframes.

The final phase of this project was the visual design. Leveraging our existing myStrength brand standards I wrote styles and created graphic assets to support and enhance our content. I really enjoyed this process as it allowed for rapid, site-wide design changes with every commit. Being able to preview and respond to design iterations holisitcly as opposed to focusing on single page designs resulted in better feedback and faster iteration cycles for everyone involved.

By taking a content-first approach we were able to speed up our feedback and iteration cycles, increase stakeholder participation, and ship our new marketing site ahead of schedule. The end result was a success and resulted in significant increases in leads from propsective partners.

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